The Marksman 5X5




Standard Features

Get the most out of your hunt while in the comfort of heat and with a great view.  Stay out of the elements and make the most of that shot without having to sit out in the weather.

• All of our blinds are built with 50 year smart siding
instead of plywood and with a 40 year exterior solid
color stain.
• Four 12” high sliding windows for that all around view.
• Features 6’7” of clearance inside enclosure.
• 20 year waterproof rubber membrane roof.
• 2’x4’ entry door
• Interior is finished with non-reflective paint.
• Enclosures are notched for fork lift placement.
• Heavy-duty stairwells are constructed in the same way
as the base and feature safe and easy access.


Total Height: 15’ (with 8’ Base)
Occupancy: 2 Adults or 1 Adult and 2 Youths

Additional information

Window Tint

Includes choice of our standard clear windows or our bronze tinted windows to help decrease glare and conceal the hunter.

Shelf Addition

Additional $30 a piece

Stationary Base 10 ft

Includes base and stairwell – additional $130

5" Trailer Base

Includes base, stairwell and trailer allowing for greater mobility – additional $850.


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