The Sharp Shooter 5X5




Standard Features:

Get the most out of your hunt while in the comfort of heat and with a great view.  Stay out of the elements and make the most of that shot without having to sit out in the weather.  Use every weapon and hunt in any season.


• All of our blinds are built with 50 year smart siding
instead of plywood and with a 40 year exterior solid
color stain.
• Eight windows, including four 24”x16” Cupboard Style,
and four 12”x35” Corner Style. The Sharp Shooter also
includes choice of our standard clear windows or our
bronze tinted windows to help decrease glare and
hide the hunter. Comes with a 30 year fade & crack

Our blinds also include the choice of standard clear windows or bronze tinted windows.  The bronze tinted windows will help decrease glare and help conceal the hunter.  Comes with 30 year fade and crack guarantee.

• Features 6’7” of clearance inside enclosure.
• 20 year waterproof rubber membrane roof.
• 2’x6’ entry door.
• Interior is finished with non-reflective paint.
• Enclosures are notched for fork lift placement.


• Heavy-duty stairwells are constructed in the same
way as the base and feature safe and easy access.

Total Height: 15’ (with 8’ Base)
Occupancy: 2 Adults or 1 Adult and 1 Youth

Additional information

Insulation Package

No Thanks, 5X5 Insulation Package

Shelf Addition

No Additional Shelves, One Shelf, Two Shelves, Three Shelves

Trailer Base

No Thanks, Please Include Trailer Base

10 ft Stationary Base

No Thanks, Please Include Stationary Base


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